Mass. Attny General Receivership program

Here’s a link to the receivership program manual (as a pdf):

Here are the links to the articles about the program: and

I don’t see on the Attorney General office website any list of properties.

Benefits of public transportation

From Paul Krugman’s blog on the NY Times

Subways Pay
Here’s an interesting new working paper: Subways, Strikes, and Slowdowns. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an ungated version. But here’s the summary: the author argues that mass transit has a significant impact in reducing traffic congestion, even when it carries only a small fraction of commuters. Why? Because commuters who take mass transit are, very disproportionately, people who would otherwise be driving on the most congested routes. So even the small number of people taken off the roads has a surprisingly large effect in reducing travel delays.

…The author tests this claim by taking advantage of a natural experiment, a subway strike in Los Angeles, and finds that even in LA, where public transit is a very small factor, the strike had a quite large effect on travel delays. And he concludes that the LA subway system easily passes a cost-benefit test.

Somerville plans — purchasing property near Union Sq. future T stop

Here’s a link to an article from the Somerville Journal in January about Somerville’s plans to purchase land in the Union Square area, near where the proposed station will be.

MIT Urban Planning Class–Recommendations on Winter Hill

In December 2012, the MIT urban planning students presented their recommendations on changes for different parts of Somerville, including the stretch along Broadway in Winter Hill. It’s a very detailed & interesting document. One suggestion is to look at the business mix of other successful squares (such as Inman Square) for a model of what kinds of businesses might make sense in our area.